Online Hearing Test

Online Hearing Test


Undetected hearing loss can have serious consequences. Research shows it can cause relationship issues (both personal and professional), diminished cognitive function, and poor mental health.

One can significantly decrease his/her chance of these hearing-related issues if early intervention is sought. And early intervention begins with early detection.

Am I suffering from hearing loss?
Constantly asking someone to repeat him/herself might tell you something about your hearing but that doesn’t paint the whole picture. There are several factors to consider before a specialist could diagnose you with hearing loss.

Greater Knoxville ENT now offers an online screening tool. While this is not a replacement for seeing a specialist, it provides quick and useful feedback about your hearing.

This is a 3-minute test comprised of a series of questions and a tone test to determine the sound threshold your ears could detect.

You will receive your online hearing test result after completing the test. You will then have an option to request an appointment with one of our on-site audiologists for in-office testing and consultation.

GKENT’s Audiologist, Danielle King, wants you to understand, “over 31 million Americans have hearing loss. Our passion here at Greater Knoxville Ear Nose & Throat is to reconnect our patients to their world, and to improve their overall wellness by healthy hearing.”

Visit the “audiologist” section of our website to take our online hearing screening! Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life. Get screened and seek professional help.

For questions, you can call us at (865) 512-1291.

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