Whether you’re bogged down by springtime pollen or you’re experiencing an unpleasant reaction to a particular food, our allergy experts can help find a solution!

GKENT physicians offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of allergic disorders. Some common substances that lead to allergic reactions include pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, food, insect stings, and medicines. We were first in the area to offer Sublingual Immunotherapy or SLIT, the convenient, safe, affordable alternative to allergy shots. One drop, under the tongue, once a day eliminates the need for allergy injections for most people.

* Age limit for allergy testing/treatment is 12 yrs or older or 100 pounds or greater.

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Blood Testing

Allergy blood tests identify the amount of allergen antibodies, or immunoglobulin antibodies, in your blood as well as specific allergen-related antibodies indicating one’s allergy triggers. Blood tests are especially helpful in small children where skin testing is difficult to complete.

Extensive History

A wide-ranging history evaluation including dietary habits is key in pinpointing specific allergens.

Food Testing

Food elimination diets include removing suspected foods from one’s diet and slowly reintroducing one at a time during observation for any allergic reactions.

Physical Examination

A physical examination includes a series of questions as well as a complete exam of the skin, eyes, nose, ears and throat to help rule out other conditions that might be causing allergy-like symptoms.

Skin Testing

Skin Tests are the most common form of evaluation allergies and involve placing a small amount of suspected allergy/causing substance on or into the skin and observing reactions.

GKENT physicians work closely with each individual patient to determine the root cause of allergy symptoms and provide a recommended personal plan, or comprehensive therapy, to restore patients back to health. Treatment approaches for allergy and sinus problems include:

Allergy Drops & Shots

Allergy Drops & Shots work similarly by delivering a slowly increasing dose of prescribed antigen therefore overtime building the body’s tolerance for a specific allergen.

Conventional Therapy

Conventional Therapy can include prescribed medications such as antihistamines, environmental control and avoidance.

The key to living comfortably with allergies is continued follow up with your GKENT physician including maintaining appointments and diligence on any treatments prescribed.

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