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What Causes Swimmer’s Ear and How is it Treated?

If you’re like many people, you may think of a swimmer’s ear as something you can only get while swimming. While it’s certainly associated with being in the water (like the ocean or the pool), you can also get a swimmer’s ear on dry land. Read More

Audiology at Greater Knoxville ENT

Greater Knoxville Ears, Nose, and Throat is the region’s premier otolaryngology center for children and adults. We have top-notch specialists and equipment for the advanced care of hearing, balance, nose, sinus, mouth, and throat issues. Read More

How Balloon Sinuplasty Can Help You with Spring Allergies

Spring is beautiful, but it can also pose some health issues especially for those who are prone to seasonal allergies. Spring allergies Pollen is the biggest trigger of spring allergy. These tiny particles can be released by trees, weed, and grasses into the air, causing you to experience watery eyes, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes,... Read More

Oral and Throat Cancer: Signs and Symptoms

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 54,000 Americans will get oropharyngeal cancer in 2021. This particular type of cancer, which is twice more common in men than in women, can affect any part of your oral cavity. This includes your lips, tongue, larynx or voice box, throat, hard palate, salivary glands, and gums. Signs... Read More

Why Your Child Should See an ENT

Ears, nose, and throat conditions are common in children. This is also one of the top reasons why parents bring their children to the doctor. However, seeing your primary provider is often not enough. Read More

How Winter Affects Sinusitis

Sinus problems are prevalent during the winter season due to a number of factors. One, the dry air from home heating breaks down the mucous membrane, the body’s natural barrier to viruses and bacteria. This makes it easier for microorganisms to pass more easily into the nasal passages, causing the sinus problems we often associate... Read More

What You Should Know About Thyroid Diseases

Many of us don’t really think too much of the thyroid gland unless something goes wrong. Conditions affecting the thyroid can have an impact on our metabolism, causing changes in weight, mood, energy levels, and sensitivity to certain temperatures. The Thyroid Gland The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of... Read More

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