Why Your Child Should See an ENT

Why Your Child Should See an ENT

Ears, nose, and throat conditions are common in children. This is also one of the top reasons why parents bring their children to the doctor. However, seeing your primary provider is often not enough.

Greater Knoxville ENT has doctors who specialize in both adults and children’s ENT conditions. Our doctors receive the same amount of training as strictly pediatric ENT.

If you’re wondering when you should see an ENT doctor for your child, here are some conditions you should look out for:

Ear infections
Recurring ear infections can be very uncomfortable for a child. In some cases, a child can only take limited rounds of antibiotics.

If your child has been experiencing recurring ear infections in the past six months, an ENT doctor can help.

In cases of three ear infections in six months, the placement of ear tubes may be recommended. This, of course, will be done after assessment of the middle ear, your child’s language development, and hearing level.

Sinus infections
This is another common pediatric condition that warrants the attention of an ENT doctor.

Sinus infections have symptoms similar to the common cold, but if your child has been having those symptoms for over a week now, what he/she may have is a sinus infection.

Hearing your child snore may be cute, but if the snoring is heavy and steady every night, you may want to see an ENT doctor.

Heavy snoring in children can be a symptom of sleep apnea. When left unmanaged, this can lead to behavioral issues, bed-wetting, or malformation of your child’s facial bones.

Although these are the common ENT issues that occur in children, our doctors at Greater Knoxville ENT are not limited to these. They are also trained to diagnose and manage other ENT conditions, including hearing loss, balance and swallowing disorders, and facial fractures.

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