Kids ENT Month

Kids ENT Month

Sickness is inevitable especially among kids.  While some conditions can easily be managed at home,  there are those that need to be referred to the specialist.

Ears, nose, and throat infections are common among kids. If your child is showing any of the following, don’t hesitate to take him or her to an ENT doctor.

1. Snoring
Children shouldn’t snore. If you find your child snoring loudly during sleep, he or she may have issues concerning his or her nose. It could be congestion from allergies or a case of sleep apnea. Whatever it may be, it’s always better to see a specialist to find out the underlying cause.

2. Recurrent colds

Colds are very common especially if your kid is usually around other kids. But if your child is getting colds more frequently and longer than the usual, then it’s time to take him/her to a specialist.

3. Persistent nosebleeds
Children can easily end up with nosebleeds from physical trauma or when they’re picking their nose. However,  if your child is experiencing nosebleeds multiple times a week, then it’s worth to give your ENT doctor a call.

Persistent bleeding may be due to inflamed nasal passages,  nasal polyps or deviated septum.

4. Problem in swallowing
It’s never a good sign when your child experiences problems with swallowing. It’s best to take him/her to a specialist to see what’s wrong in his/her throat.

5. Hearing loss
Hearing loss,  whether it’s on one or both ears, should prompt you to consult a pediatric ENT. Ear infections are very common in kids. When left unmanaged, it can lead to more serious complications like hearing loss and meningitis.

Greater Knoxville ENT provides the most advanced care for conditions concerning the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, and ears. If you need a specialist for your child, don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.


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