Does Vaping Cause a Sore Throat?

Does Vaping Cause a Sore Throat?

Vaping has become so popular among the younger population and with people who wanted to shift from traditional tobacco smoking. However, with the growing use also comes the increasing number of sore throat complaints. 

Can vaping really cause a sore throat?

Throat irritation is a common complaint among vaping rookies. And here are some of the possible reasons why it happens:

  • Smoker’s Flu
    Also known as Quitter’s Flu, Smoker’s Flu is not an infectious disease but rather a group of symptoms a smoker experiences after transitioning to life after quitting. It’s basically the body’s response as it heals itself from the tar and other chemicals it was exposed to during tobacco smoking.

    Some of the symptoms of Smoker’s Flu include sore throat, headache, stomach issue, sleep difficulties, and cough.

    While these symptoms will make you feel miserable for days, these are just temporary.
  • Getting Too Much Nicotine
    One of the things people love about vaping is that they can adjust the nicotine strength to suit their needs. However, many people who are ex-smokers tend to go overboard with their nicotine content to satisfy their nicotine cravings. This is, by far, the leading cause of throat irritation among vapers who are largely ex-smokers.

    Only those who smoke a pack a day are recommended to have high nicotine e-liquids. Casual smokers or those who smoke less than a pack a day can have their nicotine craving satisfied with a nicotine strength at 2.4 percent.
  • Vaping Style
    Many new vapers tend to draw their e-cig with the same intensity as with a conventional tobacco cigarette. With this vaping style, sore throat is almost always inevitable.

Getting Rid of the Sore Throat

The best way to get rid of vaping-related sore throats is to avoid the things that cause it. This means sticking to an appropriate nicotine level, doing deliberate draws from the vape, and staying well-hydrated

By doing these, you’ll get to enjoy the use of a vape without the worry of throat irritation.



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